Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My enjoyable Outdoor Activities

     We went to Monet to Warhol, children's Park, U.N Cemetery, Pukyung Restaurant, Igidae and Chinese Restaurant. The most worst thing was Monet to Warhol. I expected to see many famous paintings by Monet and Warhol but there was only two paintings of them. So, we were too disappointed. However, the others was very good. Especially, U.N Cemetery make me think many things. What reason make them go abroad far away country? If I was in situation like that, what could I do at that time? It was a tragedy that they were too young to die. If I have a chance to go there again, I will take my family. I will tell my daughter what U.N Cemetery means in our country. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

An unforgettable trip to Che-ju island

I had an unforgettable trip to Che-ju island in 2006. One day, while I was drinking beer at the bar with my friends, I suddenly came up with the idea for a bike-tour in Che-ju. I told my idea and my friends agreed with that. Until then, we had no experience about that, so we thought that tour would be very easy.
After two days passed, we took a ship to go Che-ju. We got a room which had almost 30 people in it. We didn’t have enough space to lie down because that room was very crowded. Next to me, there were two young girls who wore very short and tight pants. I was worried about touching their bodies without even realizing it because there was no room between me and the young girls. Because of this, I couldn’t sleep well all night. Luckily, a terrible night passed without any trouble.
Usually, the Che-ju bike-tour takes 3 nights and 4 days but we did it in only 1 night and 2 days. We only rode our bikes without any sight-seeing. Whenever I tell about our bike-tour in Che-ju, people are surprised and don’t want to believe that story.
Even now, I can’t forget about an awful night and wonderful bike-tour in Che-ju.

Monday, September 26, 2011

My Favorite Photos

This photo was taken in July, this year. We went to Jeon-Joo Traditional Village. This place had so many interesting things such as ancient Catholic church and castle. After we saw many things around that place, we ate ‘Jeon-Joo  Bibimbap’ at the restaurant which was known for delicious foods.

This was taken when my classroom students took part in our school’s swimming contest this past June.  They were too shy to show their bodies. At first,they didn’t want to participate in that game but I forced  them to do. Why? I wanted many students to enter that event because I was in charge of managing our school’s swimming team and swimming contest.
Finally they got a gift certificate worth five thousand won for the prize.

Look at my daughter! Unbelievable! I had thought that my daughter was too timid but I was wrong. She climbed a tall building like Spiderman. I felt nervous while she were going up the building. What a brave girl! I was so proud of my daughter.

This was taken when my daughter would sell her clothes at the flea market. At that time, I liked to take photos with my camera. So, I love this photo which shows the vivid figure of my daughter.

This photo was taken when I went on a bike tour of Chejoo island in 2006. It took one night and two days. For most people, this kind of bike tour took 3 nights and 4 days. Wow, we made it without any sight-seeing. Only bicycle pedaling!